David X. Sullivan: Removal of School Resource Officers is Dangerous and Wrong

Assuring safety of students and staff is paramount in era of rising lawlessness   Chris Murphy’s proposal is a dangerous step backwards   Calls on Jahana Hayes to join him to stop this reckless effort
      Advocates for the removal of School Resource Officers from Waterbury Public Schools elicited a strong response from David X. Sullivan, the Republican candidate for Congress (CT5), who renewed his criticism of Chris Murphy’s reckless proposal to stop Federal funding for School Resources Officers.   “In this era of continuing urban lawlessness, and with the tragedy of Sandy Hook seared into our memories, it is simply inconceivable that Chris Murphy could turn his back on our school children and our hard-working neighbors,” said Sullivan. “His proposal is dangerous and absolutely wrong.”   “Families with children who attend Connecticut public schools know SRO’s are an integral part of our safe, educational environment. Murphy has provided no evidence that SRO’s in the 5th District do anything other than protect our students, faculty and staff.”   “Criminals exist among us. We see that every night in the continuing lawlessness plaguing our cities. Mentally ill people without treatment remain capable of committing horrific acts. Chris Murphy is insulated from this risk. He enjoys taxpayer-funded, fully armed police protection everyday where he works on Capitol Hill. Yet, he wants police protection removed from all of our schools. That is the height of his entitlement hypocrisy.”   “Jahana Hayes should forcefully disavow this dangerous proposal and separate from Murphy, her political mentor and ‘Squad’ comrades llhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley, who are sponsoring this proposal in the House.”   “Chris Murphy has long forgotten his constituents in the 5th District,” Sullivan continued. “He has now embraced Far Left socialism, just like Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and AOC. And Jahana Hayes is in lock step with them all.”   “The people of the 5th District deserve far better from their elected representatives.”  
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