Widespread support
assures Sullivan of May nomination


The David X. Sullivan for Congress campaign today announced that the former career Federal prosecutor, and lifelong resident of Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District, has secured the public support of more than half of the delegates to the Connecticut Republican Party’s May 14th Nominating Convention.

Barring any unforeseen events, this level of delegate support assures the hard-working campaigner of the Republican Party’s nomination for the 5th Congressional District of CT.

“I am honored and humbled by this accomplishment, and grateful for the strong support I’ve received from across the entire 5th District,” Sullivan said. “I’m especially excited to begin the next phase of the campaign. I will work non-stop to defeat the extreme Far Left Jahana Hayes, who has abandoned the welfare of the families of the 5th District to curry favor with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Socialist Squad Leader AOC.”

“Hayes’s disdain for the 5th District has been on painful display during our nation’s battle with the COVID-19 pandemic and has underscored the urgent need to replace her in D.C.”

Focused on November

“To that end, over the next three weeks I will continue to seek the support of the remaining undecided delegates to assure that our Party can exit the Convention unified, without a costly, time-consuming, and divisive primary, and focused exclusively on defeating the uncaring Jahana Hayes.”

“This is a major accomplishment for Sullivan in his race to become our next Congressman in the 5th District,” said State Sen. Eric Berthel, who represents the 32nd State Senate District, which includes the towns of Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Middlebury, Oxford, Roxbury, Seymour, Southbury, Washington, Watertown and Woodbury.

“Sullivan is a Ronald Reagan conservative who will bring an important voice to Congress on behalf of the 5th District and all of Connecticut,” State Sen. Berthel continued. “I am proud to endorse and support him.”

Sullivan entered the 5th District race nearly 10 months ago after retiring from a distinguished 30-year career as Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, where he achieved recognition for his efforts to combat drug trafficking and money laundering.

He has worked with the full range of Federal law enforcement, including agents from the FBI, DEA, IRS, ATF, the United States Secret Service, ICE (formerly U.S. Customs), as well as state and numerous local law enforcement groups.

Strong Campaigner

Sullivan, also a teacher at the college level, has shown a strong affinity for grass-roots campaigning, crisscrossing the expansive 5th District, attending scores of events to meet voters, learn about local issues, and support numerous Republican candidates in municipal elections.

Sullivan has received the public endorsement of 17 RTCs, while the other candidates in the race have none. Sullivan has raised five times more money than the next closet Republican candidate in the race, and 2.5 times more money than all the other Republican candidates combined.

“By starting early and campaigning vigorously throughout the entire district, David has demonstrated a work ethic, understanding of our diverse district, and a commitment that clearly sets him apart,” said John Morris, a Republican State Central Committee member who lives in Litchfield. Morris serves the 30th State Senate District, the largest geographically in the state, comprising the communities of Brookfield, Canaan, Cornwall, Goshen, Kent, Litchfield, Morris, New Milford, North Canaan, Salisbury, Sharon, Torrington, Warren and Winchester.

“I look forward to supporting David’s campaign as he reaches out to Republican, Unaffiliated and Democratic voters alike who are ready for a needed change, both here in our District and in Washington, D.C.,” Morris continued.

United at the Convention

“David X. Sullivan is our best chance to win the 5th Congressional District,” said Manny Santos, a Convention Delegate and the Republican Congressional Candidate in 2018. “His command of public policy is superb, plus he has the proven ability to articulate his views persuasively, and win the hearts and minds of juries, students and now political activists and voters.”

“I commend all who step forward to serve in the public interest. But we can only select one candidate for Congress. The sooner we decide, the sooner our candidate can ramp up and focus on winning in November,” Santos added.

“I know first-hand the resources a Primary will consume. I urge all delegates to support David X. Sullivan at the Convention and throughout his campaign for Congress,” Santos concluded.
“The choice before us is very clear,” said Marianne Clark, State Central Committee member in the 8th State Senatorial District from Avon, CT. “We need the very best Republican candidate selected in May, and we need to provide that candidate the maximum amount of time to wage a campaign against Jahana Hayes.”

“David X. Sullivan is our best candidate. I’ve watched David work hard, right here in the 5th District, while other candidates have been sidetracked or just didn’t show at all.”

“There is no point in forcing a candidate to compete over ten months, to prove he is the best in May — and then just force him to prove it again three months later in August. That just serves the interests of Jahana Hayes and will cause us another self-inflicted loss,” Clark added.

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