Farmington Police Officers Endorse
David X. Sullivan for Congress


David X. Sullivan, a former 30-year career Federal prosecutor, has won the unanimous endorsement of the Farmington Police Union IBPO #331 in his run for Congress in the 5th District of Connecticut. The Farmington Police Union consists of more than 40 sworn police officers.

“The Farmington Police Department, IBPO #331, is proud to support David Sullivan for Congress,” said IBPO #331 Union President Stephen Egan. “We, as a union, take our endorsements of political candidates very seriously and only do so for select candidates. We believe that a civilized society functions only when the rule of law is upheld. Mr. Sullivan believes in the rule of law, supports police officers in that endeavor, while also supporting reasonable, rational police reform. Jahana Hayes chose not to consider Senator Scott’s rational police legislation but instead voted along party lines in favor of legislation that would have stripped qualified immunity for police and made society less safe due to its reckless reforms. Mr. Sullivan Supports SRO’s in schools and will NOT harm a civilized society. In short, Mr. Sullivan is the best candidate to ensure a safe community, uphold the rule of law, pass reasonable police legislation to better the profession, and maintain a civilized society governed by law.”

“Our police officers in Farmington, and throughout the 5th District and Connecticut, work hard to protect us and keep our communities safe,” said Mr. Sullivan. “I’ve worked with all levels of law enforcement in Connecticut, including Federal, state and local officers. They are outstanding professionals. I want them all to know I support their tireless efforts to keep our communities safe.”

“This vote of confidence is encouraging and energizing. I will continue to advocate for our dedicated law enforcement officers in both Washington and in Hartford.”

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