12-member delegation adds more momentum to
Sullivan’s quest for the Republican 5th District nomination

The David X. Sullivan for Congress campaign today announced the unanimous endorsement of the 12-member Farmington RTC Delegation to the 5th District nominating convention. The Farmington RTC delegation is the largest in the Farmington Valley and is widely considered a bellwether by knowledgeable observers of Republican politics in CT5.

As previously announced, Sullivan holds the support of more than two-thirds of all the delegates to the Republican 5th District Nominating Convention. His opponent has yet to publicly announce the support of a single delegate.

“I am honored to earn the unanimous support of the Farmington RTC,” said Sullivan, a former Federal prosecutor and teacher at the college level. “Unanimity is rare in politics, and that makes this endorsement all the more gratifying.”

“Farmington and the entire Farmington Valley is critical to winning this election in November. I want to start campaigning — side-by-side with the Farmington RTC and against the extreme Far Left Jahana Hayes and her socialist plans — immediately following the May 14th Convention.

“If we start out united on May 15th and stay united through November, I am confident we will achieve out shared goal in November.”

“David is a hard-working and deeply caring candidate,” said Christian Hoheb, Chairman of the Farmington RTC. “The unanimous support he received in Farmington along with the broad support he has earned across the district over the past ten months shows that he listens and connects with voters.”

“David has impeccable professional credentials as a former Federal prosecutor along with the proven skills to master complex issues, present compelling arguments and win. He will be a tireless advocate for the families of the 5th District. Now is the time for all Republicans to unite with David so we can win in November and bring jobs and prosperity to Connecticut.”

To see a list of public endorsements for David X. Sullivan, click here.

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