Served with distinction in the U.S. House of Representatives
for 24 years, preceded by six years in the CT State Senate

The David X. Sullivan for Congress campaign today announced the endorsement of former Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, who served with distinction in the U.S. House of Representatives for 24 years. Previously, Mrs. Johnson served six years in the Connecticut State Senate. She remains a popular public figure in Connecticut and is beloved by Republicans across the 5th District.

“It is a huge honor to receive the personal endorsement of former Congresswoman Nancy Johnson,” said David X. Sullivan, a former Federal prosecutor who is seeking the Republican nomination for Congress in Connecticut’s 5th District. “She dedicated most of her adult life to public service and is widely respected for being an independent voice for Connecticut. Her endorsement is a huge boost to my campaign going to the Convention.”

Statement by former Congresswoman Nancy Johnson

“I am supporting David X. Sullivan for Congress in the 5th District because he is simply the best candidate. David has a sterling reputation as a Federal prosecutor. I envision him using his proven skills of analysis and argument as a powerful seeker of truth and advocate for justice in D.C.”

“As a lifelong resident of the 5th District, David knows and understands the priorities and challenges that we all face every day. He lives in a wonderful small town, but his experiences and skills have been honed statewide. His ability to listen to people and to investigate and analyze data to ferret out the truth is just what is needed in DC. In Washington, he will be one of the leaders able to find common ground with all involved to solve the pressing problems facing us.

“Our Federal system is specially structured to maximize self-government. Our strong local leaders in the small towns and cities in Connecticut work hard to create opportunity and assure personal security to their people. David understands this unique advantage of our Federal system and is best suited to listen and understand local concerns and bring them to Washington and create solutions for everyone across America.

“We really are one nation under God. David will focus on solving the problems we are all facing by listening, and sharing and building consensus to shape public policy to benefit all of us.”

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