Congress has convened in-person amid pestilence and wars,
but no more, thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Jahana Hayes

Hayes can just ‘phone it in’ while tens of thousands here
in the 5th District work on the front lines to keep us safe

Never before in the 230-year history of the U.S. Congress, despite wars and deadly pestilence, have votes by proxy been permitted in the Capitol. But that historic legacy is ending, thanks to Nancy Pelosi and first-term Democrat-socialist Jahana Hayes, who has revealed her true colors. They are hardly a patriotic red, white and blue.

“The spirit and strength of America is lost on Jahana Hayes,” said David X. Sullivan, the Republican 5th District candidate for Congress and a former Federal prosecutor. “Congress convened when Confederate troops were within canon fire of the Capitol during the Civil War. Congress convened during the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918, when an estimated two percent of the world’s population perished, and still managed to conduct the peoples’ business.”

“But Jahana Hayes will not report for work, and serve her constituents in Washington D.C. in person, as our elected representatives have during the 230-year history of Congress,” Sullivan continued.

“Tens of thousands of conscientious workers across our District take substantial risks every day during this COVID-19 pandemic to assure our safety and welfare,” Sullivan added. “We are indebted to the courage and dedication of medical professionals, health care workers, police and firefighters, pharmacy, retail, delivery, transit and other workers everywhere,” he said.

“Jahana Hayes votes with Nancy Pelosi an unconscionable 100 percent of the time,” said Sullivan. “Her voting record shows she is nothing more than a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi. Now, thanks to Hayes’ support of Pelosi’s Proxy Voting Plan, Hayes can just phone it in.”

“Hayes has abdicated her vote to Nancy Pelosi, left the people of the 5th District voiceless and unrepresented, and won’t even show up for work in Washington D.C. in person to pretend otherwise,” said Sullivan.

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