Schools in Connecticut should open in the fall
With sensible precautions for students and staff


“We need all our school children back in school this fall, especially our children from our Black and Latino families, who have been the hardest hit in the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis,” said David X. Sullivan, a former career Federal prosecutor, teacher at the college level, and the Republican candidate for Congress in the 5th District of Connecticut.

“As the only teacher in this race for Congress with both classroom and actual COVID-19-related distance learning experience — as well as a parent of two elementary school students who experienced COVID-19 distance learning – I speak from actual experience,” Sullivan said. “I know firsthand the benefits of a classroom education as well as the limitations of distance learning on students and families,” continued Sullivan.

“We need to stem the academic slide that all children have encountered during this pandemic,” Sullivan said. “We need to close the scholastic achievement gap. All our children deserve a bright future. The best way to address the current shortcomings and prepare our children for the future is through in-school classroom education, led by our qualified and dedicated teachers.

“Our First Responders, health care professionals, grocery store and delivery staffers have all worked nonstop through this pandemic. Businesses of all kinds — tattoo parlors, hair and nail salons, and even restaurants — are now re-opening with sensible precautions. Even our pre-schools have operated remarkably safely during the pandemic.

“The current working plan to re-open our schools in Connecticut is the right approach. I am confident our state and local Boards of Education can establish the appropriate guidelines, protocols and precautions needed to assure the safety of both staff and students and re-open and operate our schools safely.”

“If any parent feels the risk of returning to school in the fall is too great for their personal circumstances, they always have the option to continue home schooling.”

“Jahana Hayes would be better served offering substantive alternatives or suggestions rather than taking pot shots at those trying to solve these problems.”

“I welcome the opportunity to work with anyone, anywhere to resolve the problems facing the 5th District. Unlike Jahana Hayes, I will even pick up the telephone and call Democrats like Gov. Lamont to offer constructive advice and guidance.”

“Two years ago, Jahana Hayes made a campaign pledge not to support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. She broke that pledge when she voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. Since then she has voted 100 percent with Nancy Pelosi. Hayes’ extreme liberal voting record might work for Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco constituents, but it doesn’t work for the people of Connecticut’s 5th District.”

Source:The Lugar Center – McCourt School of Bipartisan Index

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