Hayes First Vote in Congress was for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker,
Hayes votes with Pelosi 100 percent of the time


<p>“Jahana Hayes should be ashamed of her callous treatment of Connecticut’s working families,” said David X. Sullivan, a former Federal prosecutor and now Republican candidate for Congress in CT5. “The Paycheck Protection Program, an SBA lifeline to small businesses closed by the COVID-19 pandemic, is out of money and Nancy Pelosi and Jahana Hayes refuse to replenish the emergency fund, forcing millions of Americans to continue to suffer needlessly.”

‘Let them eat ice cream’

“What’s worse, in a TV interview Pelosi flaunts her millionaire lifestyle and mocks those hurting without jobs and paychecks by savoring expensive ice creams and chocolates from her fully-stocked, upscale $24,000 ‘fridge. Staying in lock-step with Pelosi, Jahana Hayes posts her own video, showing her relaxing on her suburban deck with drinks next to a cozy fire pit.”

“Not only is Hayes refusing to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and force the Speaker to do the right thing,” Sullivan said. “Hayes is actually savoring her own comfortable lifestyle away from her job in DC – all while thousands of workers right here in the 5th District and across CT don’t have money for rent and food. And far too many are seeking relief from food pantries.”

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You are how you vote and who you associate with.”

“Jahana Hayes is not representing the working families of the 5th District,” Sullivan said. “By aligning herself with Nancy Pelosi, and AOC and her Squad of Socialists, she is guilty of abandoning and mis-representing the people of 5th District.”

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