Remains silent when Nancy Pelosi accuses Senate
Republicans of trying to get away with murder

Says ‘not all riots are violent’


“Jahana Hayes is an extreme Far Left socialist who has been a 100 percent puppet vote for Nancy Pelosi since she arrived in Congress last year,” said David X. Sullivan, a former career Federal prosecutor and the Republican candidate in the 5th District of Connecticut. “But her behavior last week reached a tawdry new low and is simply inexcusable.”

“First, she remained silent when Nancy Pelosi accused South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and the entire Republican Senate of “trying to get away with murder,” referring to the death of George Floyd. Pelosi later refused to apologize for that egregious and hateful comment. Hayes, once again the reliable puppet, stood side-by-side with Pelosi, instead of with the people of the 5th District, and again remained silent.”

“Second, and even more bizarre, Jahana Hayes said on a Saturday morning radio show that ‘not all riots are violent.’ Think about that incredible statement. Riots, by definition are violent.”

“We have all witnessed on TV and the internet the horrifying images of the lawless violence impacting our great nation. We have seen with our own eyes the wanton destruction of private and public property, the looting and setting of fire to businesses, the throwing of Molotov cocktails into police vehicles, countless injuries to innocent citizens, and even the terrible deaths of bystanders and law enforcement officers.”

“But Hayes tells us not to believe what we see with our own eyes. Instead, she wants us to believe what she says. In the radio interview she denies the existence of riots. Here are her exact words:”

“You look at some of this rioting and you see people from all backgrounds
just standing up. And contrary to what we see, all of the riots are not violent.”

“Please, Jahana, tell us: which of these riots are violent, and which are not?”

Hayes then says:

“I’ve seen so many good people also step up during this time to help
neighbors and condemn behavior that is inappropriate.”

By her own words, “… good people …. condemn behavior that is inappropriate.”

“But Jahana Hayes won’t condemn the words of Nancy Pelosi. Jahana Hayes won’t condemn the actions of lawless rioters. In fact, Jahana Hayes denies the very existence of some riots and rioters.”

“I believe in the rule of law, not mob rule. I will stand up for and protect law-abiding citizens, just as I have throughout my career as an Assistant United States Attorney. I recognize the lawful right of citizens to gather publicly and I applaud their peaceful efforts to achieve change, especially here in the 5th District of Connecticut. However, peaceful protests do not excuse holding lawless rioters unaccountable.”

“By the record of her votes in Congress, by her own words, and by her silence on critical issues, Jahana Hayes has shown she is wrong for the 5th District and should not be our Representative in Congress.”

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