Lamont listens to other Governors and paid out-of-state
consultants – but ignores CT mayors, legislators and business owners

On Thursday, hair salons in Connecticut can re-open, but they may not use hot-air hair dryers. On Friday, hair salons can re-open, and they may use hot-air hair dryers. On Monday, hair salons can’t re-open at all, regardless of the use of hot-air hair dryers.

Why? Because Gov. Lamont asked Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo. And Gina says so. Gina doesn’t think re-opening hair salons in Connecticut is a good idea.

How can Connecticut’s business managers re-open and operate with this kind of uncertainty? What confidence does anyone have that Gov. Lamont won’t move the goal posts once again when the next alleged target date for re-opening, June 1, arrives?

“Gov. Lamont’s on-again, off-again approach to re-opening the economy in Connecticut is frustrating to business owners and consumers alike and ignores the enormous economic and financial pain that small businesses and thousands of workers are enduring,” said David X. Sullivan, the Republican candidate for Congress in the Connecticut’s 5th District.

“Our nation has lost millions of jobs, our unemployment rate is expected to reach levels not seen since the Great Depression, and women and minorities in our urban areas are among the hardest hit,” added Sullivan. “Here in Connecticut, our state’s bureaucracy struggles to fulfill claims for urgently needed unemployment compensation.”

“Yet Gov. Lamont is unmoved. Business owners and workers in Waterbury, New Britain, Danbury, Torrington and other towns across the District and state want to go back to work. They need to be able to plan. Apparently, Gov. Lamont’s plan is to allow Rhode Island to decide for us.”

“How can Gov. Raimondo possibly know whether a hair salon in New Milford has sufficiently re-arranged it’s interior to achieve social distancing? Or staggered it’s shifts for employee safety? Or required customers to wait outside on the sidewalk or in cars rather than in the shop? Or whether the incidence of COVID-19 in New Milford is rising, receding or even poses an unsafe risk?”

“Connecticut desperately needs a decisive, pro-business leader, not a mish-mash of volunteer blue ribbon commissioners and highly-paid out-of-state management consultants. It is just mind-boggling that Gov. Lamont is flummoxed on this issue and unable to pro-actively address the urgent need of re-opening the economy in Connecticut.”

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