Lamont’s Emergency Executive Powers Should End

  In ruling by decree, Gov. Lamont has set himself up as judge and jury of our everyday lives. He should not be allowed to grant himself unlimited powers for five more months and prevent debate, discussion and cooperation with other elected leaders in the Legislature. Ben Franklin said, “If you trade security for your liberty, you’ll lose both.” Gov. Lamont can still do his job without ruling by decree on our economy, how and where we assemble, how we teach our children, and how we engage in the free movement of democratic society. We have three branches of government. The Legislature has been silenced and the judiciary has been severely constrained. The people of Connecticut worked hard to lower the infection, hospitalization, and death rates. They are not well served by an extension of Gov. Lamont’s unlimited powers. I supported Gov. Lamont when he moved forward on re-opening our schools for the fall semester. But I cannot support this indefinite hiatus of representative democracy. I think U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes would object if the Congress was shut down and similar unrestricted powers were granted to the President. I hope she joins me in urging Gov. Lamont to rescind this action.
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