Our campaign against the extreme Far Left Jahana Hayes is full steam ahead!



Our campaign against the extreme Far Left Jahana Hayes is full steam ahead!

You already know I am a Law and Order candidate. I have supported the Rule of Law my entire 30-year career as a Federal prosecutor. I support our Law Enforcement officers and their efforts to keep our communities and schools safe. I will work even harder as your Congressman to protect out future!

My campaign is spreading this exact message across the 5th District. Here is a quick summary.

1- Our digital video and broadcast radio ads have been up for the past several weeks and continue to run to targeted audiences. You can see our campaign videos by clicking here.

2- Last week our Spanish language radio ads began running. You can listen to them by clicking here, here, and here.

3- Thousands of lawn signs—large and small — are already blanketing CT5.

4- We have recorded video messages with key municipal leaders like Mark Boughton, Elinor Carbone and Mike Criss, and prominent Republican leaders like Joe Markley. You can view them by clicking here.

5- We have announced endorsements from three police groups. More will follow!

6- Tomorrow we are filming TV commercials and those are scheduled to begin running early next week.

7- Our campaign has identified who will be getting absentee ballots in the mail. We will soon reach out to these early voters to make the make sure they know David is the best person for this job!

But with just 36 days to go, we need your help!

Our final quarterly fundraising deadline is at midnight on Wednesday. The dollars we raise by Wednesday will largely determine how many more voters we can reach over the next month.

Unlike Jahana Hayes, who gets her campaign funds from PAC’s, special interests, and out-of-state supporters like AOC — this campaign has been fueled by grassroots supporters — like you — right here in the 5th District.

Click this link to chip in any amount right now to help David’s message reach more voters over the next 36 days!

Every time we have asked, you have stepped up. We are so grateful! And we are asking for help one more time.

If every person receiving this email contributes even a small amount, we can keep our our digital video, broadcast radio, and our tv ads up and on the air until the polls close on November 3rd.

If you have time to help us make calls, send texts, address envelopes, deliver lawns signs or any of the other countless things we need help with — beginning this upcoming weekend — please register at this link and one of our staffers will reach out to you in the next several days!


We have done so much in this campaign already. We are on the verge of an historic victory on Nov 3rd.

We can achieve our common goal if we finish strong!



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