The Connecticut Alliance of City Police Endorses David X. Sullivan for Congress

 The CACP represents more than 800 sworn police officers  in Naugatuck, New Haven and Waterbury
  David X. Sullivan, a former 30-year career Federal prosecutor, has won the endorsement of the Connecticut Alliance of City Police in his run for Congress in the 5th District of Connecticut. The CACP represents more than 800 sworn police officers in Naugatuck, New Haven and Waterbury. “David X. Sullivan is a respected public servant who has devoted his entire adult life to protecting Connecticut families both in their homes and their communities,” said Nicholas Lukiwsky, Waterbury, President of the Connecticut Alliance of City Police. “David has worked closely with all levels of law enforcement in Connecticut – including municipal, state and Federal law enforcement – to send violent felons and other serious offenders to prison. He understands and appreciates the dedication of our police officers and the risks they take every day to protect law-abiding citizens in Connecticut.” “It is an honor to receive this endorsement from an organization representing police officers who I have worked with in the past and who continue to serve and protect Connecticut every day,” said Mr. Sullivan. “I believe in the Rule of Law, which must be applied equally to all, and stand firm against all who subscribe to lawlessness or Mob Rule.” “I will always work hand in hand with law enforcement in the 5th District, as well as across Connecticut, to help them as they serve and protect our communities. Everyone depends on police officers for safety in their homes and communities.”
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